School Advisory Committee

The St. Augustine Catholic School Advisory Committee, as an advisory committee, seeks to be an avenue of communication among parents, students, and administration.  It will counsel, confer with, and support the pastor and school administrator and consistently foster the positive response that will help promote the excellence in education we are all striving for.  It will endeavor to develop and define policies, which govern the operation of the school subject to such regulations that might proceed from the Archdiocesan School Office.  The Committee reports to the St. Augustine Parish Education Commission.  The board consists of nine elected members, the pastor, and principal who meet monthly during the school year to discuss school-related matters including:

  1. Long and short range planning
  2. Relating with and receiving reports from stand and ad-hoc committees
  3. Consulting on budget and tuition issues
  4. Assisting with development, marketing and public relations
  5. Recommending policy
  6. Evaluating the work of the School Committee

Committee Members


Joe Bongiovanni

vice President:

Jennifer Yaek


Nicole Boutorwick


Dennis Dobrasko
Darek Nytko
Jeannine Schweihofer
Jeff Thomson
Trish Zyble

1 Open Committee Member Position

1  Open Alternate Committee Member Posiiton

School Advisory Committee meets every fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm