Prospective Families

Our hope is that St. Augustine is a perfect fit for your family. We are always accepting registration forms throughout the year. You will have an opportunity to meet with the principal and discuss our partnership to give your child/ren the utmost in Catholic education. 

We offer a half day of shadowing where your child/ren can come and spend time with prospective classmates & teacher but also decide if it is a right fit for them. We want them to be at ease knowing what they are coming into and make it a smooth transition. 

Tuition Assistance

The Archdiocese of Detroit (AOD) offers tuition assistance to families that are eligible. The first week of April is when families can apply for a grant in the amount of $800, $900 or $1,100. Click the link below for more information. 

AOD Tuition Assistance application-    

Parent Information Letter-Please see below in downloads

Pastor Signature Sheet-Please see below in downloads

St. Augustine Scholarship Fund

St. Augustine will match the grant amount given to each student that qualifies. This opportunity is made possible through our generous donors. 


Any adult who participates in a school event, whether it be in school or on a field trip, must attend a Protecting God's Children workshop. Click here  to view sessions and register. A Criminal Background Check  is also required.    If you have any questions, please call  the office at 586.727.9365.


An online tuition management system to assist families in comfortably paying tuition with scheduled payments. 

Facts Management


Uniforms give our students a simpler and uniformed look, and eliminates a fashion competition. Schoolbelles and Lands End are the designated companies for our families to order uniforms from. Uniform guidelines can be found below in the downloads section. 


Lands End

Gym Uniforms

Gym uniforms are optional and may be ordered from Schoolbelle's or J's Silkscreen.  Students can wear the optional gym uniform or wear their regular uniform on gym days.  

J's Silkscreen 

Parent/Student Handbook 2019-20

For all of St. Augustine Catholic School Policies and Procedures, please refer to the the revised edition of our Parent/Student Handbook.  It can be found below in the download section.