Lunch Program

Welcome to the St. Augustine Lunch Program administered by Anchor Bay Schools ….

Where Good Nutrition and Learning Go Hand in Hand.

The Food & Nutrition staff obtains formal training to obtain their food safety certification.   We take pride in this to prepare safe nutritious meals for your student.  Meals from Anchor Bay Schools follow the federal nutrition standards limiting unhealthy fat and calories. Good nutrition is so important for growing bodies and learning minds, we hope to encourage your student to take part in the lunch program on a regular basis. 

Menus provide a range of offerings for students and are updated each month.

Our Mission Statement:  

Preparing students nutritionally to learn and succeed. 

2019-2020 Meal Prices

New lunch prices for the 2019/20 school year mandated by the National School Lunch Program Regulations: 

  • Lunch  =  $3.00
  • School Milk ½ pint    =  .40

What Comes with a School Lunch?

A school meal consists of the following:


  • Grade level minimum of meat/protein equivalent


  • Grain Examples  -  wholegrain bun, bread or rice accompaniment


  •  ½ cup fresh, canned or 100% Juice (juice only provided 1-2x/week) at Elementary and Middle Schools
  • 1 cup fruit offered each day at high school


  • ¾ cup fresh or steamed at Elementary and Middle Schools
  • 1 cup vegetable offered each day at high school


  • 1% white or 1% flavored  ½ pint

Students are encouraged to take all of the items for lunch but are only required to take 3 items but one choice must be a fruit or vegetable.


Free and reduced lunch application.

Visit and enter

Anchor Bay School District.


Free and reduced application for 2020-21 school year.  Applying online is the most efficient and confidential method.  Visit and enter Anchor Bay School District and follow the prompts.  Most applications are processed within three working days.