Becoming Independent readers

Developing Ourselves As Independent Readers

The American Association of School Librarians states that:Voluntary reading involves personal choice, reading widely from a variety of sources, and choosing what one reads. Aliterates, people who have the ability to read but choose not to, miss just as much as those who cannot read at all. Individuals read to live life to its fullest, to earn a living, to understand what is going on in the world, and to benefit from the accumulated knowledge of civilization. Even the benefits of democracy and the capacity to govern ourselves successfully depend on reading.The amount of free reading done outside of school has consistently been found to relate to achievement in vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal fluency, and general information. Students’ reading achievement correlates with success in school and the amount of independent reading they do. Unfortunately, numerous surveys show that many students do not choose to read great quantities, nor do they choose to read often.The common sense notion that students who do a substantial amount of voluntary reading demonstrate a positive attitude toward reading is upheld in both qualitative and quantitative research. Students’ reading achievement has been shown to correlate with success in school and the amount of independent reading they do. This affirms the predictability of a success cycle: we become more proficient at what we practice.

Library mission statement

The St. Augustine School Library works to ensure students are effective users of ideas and information by ...

  • providing access to a variety of materials and
  • providing instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing and using information and ideas.

Library policies

Grades 1-8 are allowed two items for checkout. The students are asked to choose one at-level or challenging book. The other item can be a fun choice, like a video, drawing book, etc. We welcome any input from home! If you would like us to steer your child in one direction or away from another we will do our best! Kindergarten is allowed to check out one book. Preschool is allowed to check out one book.Overdue books will result in a note home. Please have your child return as soon as possible. Don't wait for the next library day.Our goal is to provide material the children will actually read! We would rather students bring home a book they can't wait to read than a book that won't make it out of their backpack!


This is a great website for kids! We have been exploring the stories in library. There are also lots of great games to play. Spend some time here on a rainy day!

Scholastic Exploring Books

Scholastic has a great tool for exploring books on its website. Click the "Exploring Books" tab on the left! You can view book trailers, book-talks, author interviews and more! You are sure to find a book you can't wait to read! CLICK THE LINK BELOW! Scholastic Exploring Books


We need a volunteer to repair and/or reshelf library books. Repairs can be done at home.


**Please note: All volunteers MUST have completed the "Protecting God's Children" workshop.**

Library links

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  • Lois Wagner Memorial Library Richmond Library Catalog
  • Book Adventure is a FREE reading motivation program for grades K-8 with points, prizes & more! Created and maintained by Sylvan Learning
  • Storyline Online Actors read great stories online
  • Meet Me at the Corner This site has Virtual Field Trips, and The Big Apple Book Club where book reviews are done by kids for kids
  • FREE reading incentive program for kids that blends your interest in promoting reading with their interest in playing games and having fun.
  • Read Kiddo Read An authoritative resource for finding the best, current literature for children of all ages. It includes summaries, read-alikes, reviews, and links to related activities. Find the books with links to Library Finder and various booksellers. Join the newsletter and the ReadKiddoRead Community to access author interviews, blogs, lesson plans, and more!
  • Online audio stories that are free to download. You will find a mixture of new stories, fairy tales, and specially adapted myths and histories, and poetry. Load up your mp3 player for vacation!
  • The Story Home A site that provides original and classic children’s audio stories for free. Find classic, originals, podcasts, featured authors, holiday stories, animal stories, storytelling tips and more on this fun filled site.
  • Guys Read A web based literacy program to encourage boys to read by helping find books the "guys" like. Author Jon Scieszka created the website.