Mrs. Blissett


Letter of the Week/ Literacy


We will be learning about the blended sound bl and words that start with bl as well as the -ap word family.

Literacy: We will be working on retelling and tracking print.


Weekly activities

 Math: We will be reviewing characteristics of 3D shapes.

Religion:  We will be learning about the story of Martha and Mary and learn to put God first.


Contact me

586.727.9365 Ext. 159


Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten!

A little about TK:

Transitional Kindergarten in a unique program that uses the McGraw Hill Little Wonders curriculum to introduce kindergarten standards. It also  introduces early literacy skills to prepare for kindergarten. I use a combination of whole group instruction and one-on-one instruction and our schedule has a nice balance of instruction time and free play! 

A little about myself:

I attended St. Augustine myself from kindergarten to Eighth Grade. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and  graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelors in Elementary Education. I enjoy reading and doing outside activities with my husband and daughter!