Mrs. Perry

Kindergarten highlights

This Week in Kindergarten:

Phonics:  We are learning about the letter Yy.  

Reading Readiness:  We are learning about the letter Uu.  We will learn to read the words for and have.

Math Readiness:  We are working with three-dimensional shapes and position words  

Religion:  We are learning about our gift of our senses.


Monday:  Reading Readiness (due Friday), Math worksheet (front and back)



Sight Words We Can Read
I    can    the  we   see   a   like   to   and  go   you   of   do   from   my  are  he  with  four  into  little  is  she  was  for  have

Specials Schedule

Specials Schedule:
Monday: Art (1:30-2:15)

Tuesday: Spanish (9:45-10:30)

                 Computers (!1:15-12:00)

                 Music (12:24-1:30)

                 Gym (1:30-2:15)

Wednesday: Mass (8:15)

Thursday: Library (9:00-9:45)

                   Music (12:45-1:30)

                   Gym (1:30-2:15)

Friday: Computers (11:15-12:00)

              Art (1:30-2:15)