Mrs. Grifka


Parent News

Dear Parents,

     This week is the last week of the  quarter. Unless a student is absent, no late work will be accepted. The honor roll mass is April 3rd. 

Tomorrow you may dress down and wear green for $1.00. Baby bottles are due back tomorrow. 

Vocabulary test is tomorrow. Along with the make up quiz on arrays and models.  

        Remember I am available  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the mornings for extra help in any subject matter.

 The  last day for Chess Club is March 21st.  

    Check the agendas for any new information during the week. 

Thanks for all you do to make St. A's a wonderful place to learn, work, and play.


Mrs. Grifka

Meet Mrs. Grifka

I have been teaching for 34 years.  Most of those have been spent in the parochial school setting.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in Science/Mathematics from Oakland University.  I earned my continuing certification in reading through Saginaw Valley State University. I am also a certified catechist.  I have been a teacher at St. Augustine since 2005.

Contact Me

You may contact me at school:586-727-9365 ext.154


Homework Helper


We will finish Chapter 9 "The Celebration of Confirmation". The test will be Thursday, March 21st. The students will continue to work in the little purple book. It is due every Friday. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit presentations will be on Friday.


We have different activities during the month of March. The students will be in Storyworks this week. They will have a quiz over identifying the main ideas in select stories.  This will be on Tuesday. There will be a quiz over the story "Out of the Flames" on Friday. The students need a small flashlight for Power Up  reading in the dark for Friday. 


Science/Social Studies

SCIENCE: Chapter 9; We will work on the inquiry activities and begin lesson 2. We will complete the notes for the lesson. We will continue to  work on inferring in science. 

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will continue to work on Latin America's Climate zones, reading a climograph and reviewing the chapter. The students will vote on when we have the test.  It will either be Friday or Monday.


Chapter 4 . Wwe will work on Adverbs, using Good and Well, Real and very, and negatives. Lessons 33-36. We will have a quiz using the computer on sections 33 on Wednesday. We will finish writing our rough drafts about our narratives.


We will continue to  work on  Order of Operations, and Expressions. pages 84-85(63-64). 4-9 and 4-10 and 4-11. There will be a test on Friday the22nd over chapter 4.  There will be a make up quiz on Monday, March 18th over models and arrays.


We will be working on Unit 14 this week.  NOTE THE DIFFERENT DAY! The test will be on Monday, March 18th for unit 13.