Mrs. Viviano

WEEK of April 29-May 3

RELIGION:  ch 23 - Our parish as part of the diocese

SPELLING:  test Fri -May 3 -BONUS:  mother

PHONICS:  prefixes - ir,un,dis, im and french endings

SCIENCE:  begin new chapter on matter

MATH:  line plots (tally marks as data transfered)

READING:  STORY OF THE WEEK - Astronaut's Handbook

WRITING:  joining letters in cursive

STORY WRITING: Write about the nicest person you know

                   WEEK of May 6-10

RELIGION:  Making mother's Day gifts

READING:  story of week - Money Madness

PHONICS:  more prefixes and their meanings and how to code them

SPELLING:  test May 10 - BONUS:  Blessed

SCIENCE:  properties of matter

MATH:  time & money

CURSIVE:  practicing on IPADS

WRITING:  write about your favorite day in second grade


GRADE 2 Specials are as follows:

MON-  Art, Library
TUES:  gym,computer, music
WED:  ,,reading support & computer
THURS:  Gym,music
FRI:  Art, spanish


Religion Test every Friday on chapter of the week

Reading Test every Thursday- On story of the week

Spelling tests-every Friday