Mrs. Viviano

WEEK of MARCH 18 - 21

READING:  story of week - The Woodcutter's Gift

RELIGION:  We live to serve others

PHONICS:  Sight word test - Thursday, digraph "ew", doubling rule, new sight words

MATH:  organized lists for comparison, fact fluency

SOCIAL ST:  begin unit on government

WRITING:  cursive cont'd...paragraph writing - "What hatched from your egg?"

SPELLING:  test Fri - Bonus:  spring!


GRADE 2 Specials are as follows:

MON-  Art, Library
TUES:  gym,computer, music
WED:  ,,reading support & computer
THURS:  Gym,music
FRI:  Art, spanish


Religion Test every Friday on chapter of the week

Reading Test every Thursday- On story of the week

Spelling tests-every Friday